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C4 Original Pre Workout Powder

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Ready to smash your goals and take your fitness to the next-level?  The new, enhanced C4 Original formula is your key to hitting every training session hard. We took our OG powerhouse blend to new heights, packing in 200mg of Caffeine for explosive energy that HITS and 2g of CarnoSyn® Beta-Alanine for enhanced muscular endurance designed to keep you powering through even the toughest sets. Next, our triple threat blend of L-Citrulline, L-Arginine, and Creatine Nitrate keeps the pumps and power coming with increased nitric oxide production support. With AI-powered PeptiPump®, exclusive to C4, for supporting increased performance, and enhanced focus from Huperzine A; the revamped C4 Original formula will keep you hitting every rep as hard as the first.


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